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Timber Flooring is a popular choice for Australian homes, commercial properties and sports floors.

Flooring has a major influence on the feel and mood of every room.

Home owners in Sydney value the elegance and practicality that a polished Timber floor provides.

Timber flooring is available in a wide variety of types, styles and wood species. You can choose between structural solid plank styles that slot together, parquetry designs and relatively new floating floors that can be overlaid on pre-existing solid floors.

This is why you need to choose an expert to help you select the appropriate timber flooring type for the right environment and use.

We specialise in all types of timber Flooring including Floating Timber and engineered Timber.

Yes at Plank’s Timber Floor Solution, we promise you our expertise, diligence and speed.

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Important steps to choosing the right timber flooring
1. Noise on timber flooring

Some people like the ambience of a tomber floor that sounds like a timber floor; whilst others prefer an absoutely quiet floor, be sure to decide what is good for your room.

2. Durability of timber flooring

Consider room traffic and wood’s durability. High traffic areas are prone to scratches. On a high gloss finish even a small scratch can be visibly annoying.

3. Match your style with the right timber flooring

Some popular styles include: lighter colours for casual or contemporary settings, darker colours for traditional or formal settings; red oak natural and maple natural are popular timber floorings that complements all decorations and styles.
Products like cork, composits and particle board can set off a very modern feel to a space.

4. Are you able to maintain the timber flooring?

Ensure that you know the wood’s maintenance regime while selecting one. Opt for a product that you are able to maintain. Wood flooring maintenance usually involves protecting the surface from heavy wear and tear and moisture, and cleaning with wood floor cleaning products. Not following the maintenance guidelines may lead to product guarantee or warranty being void.

5. Do your reserach on timber flooring types

Solid timber – varies in price and quality and remember that the wider the board, the more expensive it will be. Scarser timbers always cost more so if you’re on a budget don’t even look.

Timber laminate – there are some really good quality and durable laminates on the market. This option allows you to have the beautiful wide board look, at a reasonable budget price.

Recycled timber – don’t think this is a cheaper option, it’s usually more expensive than new timber, depending on the age and width of the planks. Remember that todays timber is grown quick for high demand and has poor structural strength and durability in comparison to old recycled timbers.

Timber composite – suit a modern home very well. Forbo for example has flooring that is a mix of timber and polymers and is supplied in a tile format. Bamboo – is harder than traditional timber and sustainable. This is a great product and it’s seeing a real surge in use in Australia. This product is excellent in high traffic areas in residential and commercial situations.

6. Cost Comparison

Finally, after short listing your options, compare their costs. Opt for one that is affordable, meets your requirements and is within your budget, and force yourself to stick to the budget, timber flooring can be expensive.

7. Get a timber flooring specialist

Do not skip on this cost as the value of the timber flooring itself is not dependant only on the type of timber you choose, it depends on whether the finish is professional and suits your property.

The key to achieving shiny, clean and beautiful timber flooring for your home is in following these golden rules. It enables you to enjoy fashionable, comfortable and beautiful flooring for life that suits the way you live.

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