From time to time, something new happens in the timber floor industry. Our aim is to inform you of the latest trends and systems that apply to timber flooring.

We will bring you up to date on whats new.

22/09/2011… Timber floor plus Pty Ltd, importers of the Uniwood range has introduced a 220mm wide Engineered board that has the popular Australian species as a wear layer. It sports a 6mm surface that can easly be resanded multible times. The latest project to use this product is a High End residential dwelling being constructed by Dixon andrews Constructions in Mosman (Sydney). It will be interesting to see how the finished end result will be. I will post some photos when it gets finished….Larry

23/1/2012… Its been a hektic year, but 2012 is apon us and going strong. It seems that more and more home owners are ripping up carpet and finding a treasure trove of timber flooring underneath. Now days, i am finding that there is a big advantage in using Waterbased polyurethanes instead of solvent based poly’s. Cleaner looks and Eco friendly. I have been using a lot of Urethane Coatings”Purathane” Its Good to apply and leaves the floor looking fantastic……Larry

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