What to Expect… Floor Sanding

Floor Sanding is an art that takes several years to accomplish great results. Do not attempt to finish a floor with out experience. I have seen many many good quality floors ruined by the un-experienced opperator. The machinery used, greatly differers from any hire or loan machine. It is ballanced and trimed to produce the finest sanding finish available. When you engage a Floor sander, you need to trust his ability in producing the results you require. Choose an opperator that has got the years of experience behind them, and that they are involved with a reputable company.

PLANK’S timber floor solutions have the experience and the knowledge required to complete the results that you require.

With over seventeen years experience and in excess of 2000 timber floors completed, we can provide the service you need to finnish any size timber floor.

From the smallest apartment to the largest grand auditorium, our commitment to quality is first and formost.

Timber flooring comes with a variety of different finishes and each finish has its own characteristics and benefits. Timber floors can be purchased as unfinished or prefinished. Prefinished floors have already been sanded, stained, and sealed at the factory meaning that installation is a much simpler process. A majority of the flooring today is sold as a unfinished product.

Unfinished hardwood floors require that you sand, stain, dry, and seal the floor after installing in your home. The advantage of an unfinished floor is that you can stain and seal it to your exact specifications. In addition, an unfinished floor can be sanded flat where as a prefinished floor is only as level as the sub-floor beneath it. In general, unfinished hardwood floors are not a “do it yourself” choice because of the skill needed to do it right. Many finishes also feature different bases or sealers. Water-based finishes tend to be best at showing the natural character and color of your floor. Oil-based or modified finishes tend to have a slight amber hue, which is very popular with lighter colored floors like BlackButt and Ash.