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Timber Floors Add Value
New Australian research shows timber floors can increase the value of your home.
timber floors

The results of the Australian research illustrate a significant increase in the popularity of installing hardwood timber floors in residential properties for this reason.

According to the survey, 75% of Australian real estate agents and brokers said hardwood floors influenced a home’s saleability to a great extent – compared to 44% in a previous survey, and 90% said homes with hardwood floors would sell for more money – as opposed to 58% in the earlier survey.

Pure aesthetics, environmental sustainability, durability, easy cleaning and maintenance and health concerns were cited as the most prominent reasons Australian real estate agents and brokers gave for the increased value attached to timber floors.

As a nation we are typically quick to latch on to global design trends – the growing popularity of timber floors is the perfect example of this.

Timber floors are fast becoming the favoured flooring option for Australian homeowners considering the long-term value of their property. Many local flooring companies have seen an increase in the number of customers wanting to install timber floors, with most driven by their desire to improve the value of their home.

Adding a warm, modern touch to any interior, there’s no doubting that timber floors are a definite asset – in every sense of the word

A new timber floor transforms the entire character of the home.
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Over the past 17 years, i have seen more and more people rip the carpet and tiles up and replace it with a beautifull timber floor. It makes sence.

Timber floors are the most eco friendly and econominal floor covering on the market. A timber floor can last up to 100 years of use.

You should consider a timber floor for all your living and kitchen areas, They are one of the best surfaces for kitchens.

You will love the results when you have your old timber floor re sanded or you are contemplating on a brand new timber floor.